Jonathan Winn is a NYC-based Gay Life Coach, who’s mission is to help empower, inspire and unite the LGBTQ community as a global force of unity and love.   His passion is to connect individuals to their divine purpose and to support its unfolding and expression through inspired action.

Jonathan’s miraculous birth leaves no doubt that there is a reason he is alive and breathing.  He is living his Life’s Purpose through the work that he does as a successful Life Coach and Motivational Speaker.  Working with individuals, couples and groups, he helps catapult others forward in their lives with empowerment and inspiration to achieve their greatness.

Jonathan is a TEDx Speaker, has spoken at Fortune 100 companies and has an international list of coaching clients that include top executives, socialites and celebrities.  Powered by more than a decade of experience in the holistic wellness industry, he is uniquely qualified to provide a nurturing, supportive environment to support others in unlocking the next level of their personal growth and success. 


A Man on a Mission


To know Jonathan, one must know the story of his birth because it explains why he says he was born to do this.   Due on January 13, 1980, Jonathan was finally delivered more than a month late on February 15.  Naturally, he was a big boy and his mom wanted to have a natural birth (not a c-section).  So his birth was complicated from the get-go, to say the least.  His mom was given the first epidural to ease the birthing process, but it did not work.  So they gave her a second...and a third...and fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and lastly a ninth one.  His mom says that after she was given the ninth one, just the tips of her toes were numb.  

The medical staff finally put her unconscious, his Father had to be out of the room because the birth was becoming an emergency situation.   They were able to deliver Jonathan and he was handed off to the nurse to clear his nose and get him to take his first breath.  But he wasn't breathing.  They continued to work on him but finally had to announce that he was dead.  

The medical staff went to the waiting area to tell his Father that there is nothing else they can do for his Son.  His Father, being a religious man, got on his knees in the wating area and prayed for life to be breathed into his Son.  He prayed for Jonathan to be given the breath of life.  And as he finished his prayer, he could hear Jonathan crying down the hall.  He just took his first breath.

There is a reason he is alive and breathing.  His miraculous birth underscores the truth of his life, which is that he feels called to serve so many people on our planet.  After seeking his Life Purpose, he learned that he is a Spiritual Teacher and a Gifted Healer. 

He began this path as a massage therapist, spending a decade listening to what caused people stress and anxiety.  He later apprenticed to learn breathwork, which is a powerful self-healing method to release years of emotional trauma in a session or two.  He is now a Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach, helping others to reframe the pain of their past and transform it into their greatest gift and power.  He helps others identify the reason they are alive and inspires them to live a more empowered, heart-centered and fulfilled life.