Thank you for all you have done to help me. I am forever grateful in taking that first step toward my Life’s Purpose. You are such an inspiration!
— Michael, North Carolina

Jonathan was professional, energetic and very inspirational during his presentation at our annual team meeting. I highly recommend
him as a motivational speaker.
— Diana, General Mills

The services offered by Jonathan Winn are life changing. It’s a journey into your own soul that shows you who you really are, what you deserve, and what you can achieve. I was completely satisfied with the coaching and continue to use practices to maintain a happy, fulfilling life.
— Jon, North Carolina

Jonathan is constantly working on bettering himself, which provides his clients with new and fresh ideas and perspectives that they will want to apply to their own lives. His fun-loving, yet firm, approach to motivating others to step into their power and uniqueness is the thing you never knew you needed. Prepare to be hooked for life! 
— Ileah, Florida

Jonathan, you changed my life forever. I hope everyone in this world experiences such a great teacher, coach, healer, and friend.
— Robert, Oklahoma

Jonathan has taught me how to create
peace and tranquility in an often-hectic
world. I highly recommend his presentations
and programs.
— Mike, North Carolina

Jonathan is an absolute gift. I worked with Jonathan for 3 months which was the catalyst for transformation and change in my life. Within that time (and beyond), he guided me to recognize my own unique gifts and purpose. He taught me how to transcend my own limiting beliefs and helped me to create a passion-driven business that literally makes my heart sing every day. Jonathan is an amazing mentor, and through the coaching process, he became an amazing friend. Thank you Jonathan for guiding me to find more passion, purpose, and joy in my life.
— Jessica, North Carolina

Simply the BEST! Jonathan Winn is truly an Earth Angel with an incredible healing gift to share with this world.
— Victoria, New Jersey

Great, eye opening experience. Well worth it!
— Nick, North Carolina

Jonathan Winn changed my life. Thank you for holding space for me to open my heart and heal through your program!
— Heath, North Carolina